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Group Ideas
Drop Tower Exclusive Sessions

The Drop Tower will challenge the mental fortitude of even the toughest participant. Located in the Trackside Plaza alongside the Canyon and Summit Courses, this is the perfect chance to strengthen your team and step outside of your comfort zone.


This advanced-level adventure is designed to test thrill-seekers with a 361-foot zip line high above the treetops finishing at the 65-foot high Drop Tower. From the Drop Tower there is ONLY ONE WAY DOWN – simply step off the platform for an exhilarating, 65-foot free fall.

Proposal Requests
  • For additional adventure options and larger groups, add the Canyon and Summit Courses. While they won't bring your heart rate down after the exhilarating drop, they will bring the team even closer together!

  • Participants must weigh a minimum of 45 lbs. and a maximum of 260 lbs.
    Participants must be able to step off the 65-foot tower without assistance.

  • Available year round outside of public hours of operation.