Group Ideas
Winter Skeleton Exclusive Sessions

Take a ride down the 2002 Olympic Track face first on a Skeleton sled.

Beginning at the safe and comfortable Tourist Start, race up to 50 mph feeling the exhilaration of piloting your own sled down the track.

As your own pilot, Skeleton allows you the best chance to showcase your skills and is a great activity for groups looking for a little peer on peer competition.

Proposal Requests
  • Follow up your skeleton rides with a Comet Bobsled Ride on the full length of track and piloted by professionals!

  • Must be age 16 or older and weigh a minimum of 100 lbs to participate.

    The Rocket Skeleton ride is a highly physical and extreme experience. We strongly discourage anyone with chronic neck problems, back or kidney problems, heart problems, recent surgery, and/or high blood pressure from riding the Rocket Skeleton. If you are pregnant, you may not ride the Rocket Skeleton. Anyone questioning their health status or experiencing hesitations should not ride the Rocket Skeleton.

    Please note that there is a possibility of injury whether the above listed conditions and symptoms apply to you or not.

  • Winter Season
    Available November 1 - March 29 outside of public hours of operation and athlete training. Please plan one hour in advance of session for orientation.
    Summer Season
    This activity is only available as a winter option.