Group Ideas
Winter Comet Bobsled Exclusive Sessions

Experience the ride of a lifetime on the Winter Bobsled! Our professional pilots take three passengers on a thrilling ride down the Utah Olympic Park bobsled track.

In less than a mile, you'll rip through 10 curves, hitting speeds up to 70 mph. In addition, you’ll experience about 3 Gs of force!

Sessions are timed allowing groups to compete for fastest starts, total time, and bragging rights.

Proposal Requests
  • Host a simultaneous reception or function at the Women's Start House to watch participants fly by underfoot!

  • Must be age 16 or older and weigh a minimum of 100 lbs to participate.

    The Comet Bobsled ride is a highly physical and extreme experience, generating up to three times the force of gravity. We strongly discourage anyone with chronic neck problems, back or kidney problems, heart problems, recent surgery, and/or high blood pressure from riding the Comet Bobsled. If you are pregnant, you may not ride the Comet Bobsled. Anyone questioning their health status or experiencing hesitations should not ride the Comet bobsled.

    Please note that there is a possibility of injury whether the above listed conditions and symptoms apply to you or not.

  • Winter Season
    Available November 25 - April 2 outside of public hours of operation and athlete training.
    Summer Season
    Available May 1 - September 30 outside of public hours of operation.