Our Mission

The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization responsible for maintaining our Olympic facilities at world-class levels and using them to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to watch, learn and excel in winter sports.

Propelled by the success and momentum of the 2002 Games, our core missions are to:


  • Maintain, operate, and enhance Olympic Legacy Facilities
  • Engage and involve more people – especially Utah’s youth – in winter sport
  • Inspire, educate, and entertain the public through unique & exciting public offerings
  • Improve the quality of youth sport and physical activity programs in Utah
  • Ensure long term viability & relevance of Utah’s Olympic Legacy efforts



In 2002, Utah hosted the world for the XIX Olympic Winter Games and the VIII Paralympic Winter Games. And by any measure, the 2002 Games were a success. 2500 Olympians representing 77 nations, came to Utah to pursue their Olympic dreams. Incredible venues and ideal weather combined to create the perfect stage for the athletes to perform at their best.

The largest crowds ever for an Olympic Winter Games (a record that still holds today) filled the venues and cheered for every athlete, in every sport, from every country. The US Team won 34 medals at the 2002 Games, shattering their old record of 13. Athletes including Chris Klug, Derek Parra, Sarah Hughes, Jim Shea, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Vonetta Flowers all made history in their own special way. Of course, the issue for all Olympic host cities is always the same…how will great Olympic memories turn into lasting benefits for the host community and country? The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation was the answer to this question, created to carry on the positive impacts of the 2002 Winter Games for Utah and our visitors from all over the world!

Inspired by the success and momentum of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games, the Foundation has turned its focus toward embracing, engaging and involving Utah’s youth in winter sport. From community-based recreational camps, progression-oriented development programs to its official designation as an official U.S. Olympic Training Site at the Utah Olympic Oval and Utah Olympic Park, the Foundation represents the future of winter sports in North America.