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Figure skating is best developed through private lessons. So, if you or your child is really interested in mastering figure skating; becoming a competitive figure skater or simply want to improve upon your skills and work on specific elements, then private lessons may be for you.

The Utah Olympic Oval maintains a staff of talented and dedicated Figure Skating Staff Professionals (“Coaches”). Our Coaches are U.S. Figure Skating Registered Coaches and are qualified to teach various disciplines of Figure Skating to all levels from the beginner just starting Basic Skills through the advanced levels in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Ice Dancing, and Pair Skating.

Benefits of taking private lessons:

  • One on one instruction allows for more rapid progression.
  • Personalized training meets individual skaters’ needs.
  • Supplements group lessons by allowing focus on skills needing attention.
  • Coaches prepare skaters for Competitions, Tests and Special Events such as Ice Shows and Exhibitions.

How to choose a Coach:

  • Read the profiles and qualifications for each coach.
  • Observe the coaches at work.
  • Watch them teach and take note of the qualities and teaching techniques that you like. This is a good way to determine which coach will work best with you and your child.
  • Speak with the coaches directly regarding their teaching philosophy, training methods and views on competing.

How do I set up private lessons?

  • Speak with the coach directly to arrange private lessons – or contact the Program Manager if you need help choosing or have specific availability needs and/or requirements.

Things of Note:

  • Skaters of all ages can begin private lessons, even if they have not completed all of the classes in the Learn to Skate Program.
  • Ice time and rental skates (if needed) are paid through guest services at the arena.
  • Private lesson fees are paid directly to your coach.

Questions? For more information, please contact the Oval Sport Director, Derek Parra.

Program Manager