Valid at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

Additional Event Info

Admission Pricing

General Admission: $5
Family Pass: $15
VIP: $75 (includes reserved seating and food beverage)



Event Schedule

February 14-15
Competition starts at 11:10 – Sprints, Women/Men

Saturday, February 16 Competition starts at 10:00, 2:00 – Pursuits, Women/Men

Sunday, February 17 Competition starts at 10:10, 2:05 – Relays, Single Mixed/Mixed


Join the team and volunteer! From Competition Office to Course Marshalls, we have many volunteer opportunities for this event. Please click on the link below for a full list of opportunities.


If you are interested in volunteering please contact, Jennifer McCulloch (

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About Biathlon

Biathlon combines cross-country skiing with shooting and has its roots in winter survival skills practiced in the forests of Scandinavia where people hunted on skis.  A biathlon competition consists of a race in which contestants ski through a cross-country trail system whose total distance is divided into either two or four shooting rounds, half in prone position, the other half standing. For each shooting round, the biathlete must hit five targets and receives a penalty lap or time for each missed target. Biathlon made its Olympic debut in its current form in 1960.  With a total cumulative TV viewership approaching one billion, biathlon is the most popular winter sport in Europe.

The last and only Biathlon World Cup Solider Hollow hosted was in 2001 prior to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Approximately 28 nations and 180 athletes will be coming to Midway, Utah for the 2019 Biathlon World Cup.

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