Valid at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

Event Information

Event Invitation - v10 01/13/21

1/13/21 – Current event information contained in the invitation (Covid-19 regulations, event schedule, venue access, parking, etc.) may be downloaded HERE.

On-Line Race Payment

At this time, athlete or coach may select only one race day per session/payment. A transaction will be necessary for each race day. To pay late fees, pay for two races ($70.00). Thank you!

Payment can be made HERE.

USSS Covid-19 Pre Screening Questionnaire

The timeframe to complete this form is over (72-48 hrs prior to the event). Thank you all for doing your part in this event! 

Due daily 1/16, 1/17 and 1/18 - Covid-19 Daily Symptom Check Form

This form is required by all registered participants each race day morning before coming to the venue. Thank you!

Click HERE.

Athlete Change Form

Please complete only this form with any change to registration data already submitted.

Click HERE.