TUNA / Soldier Hollow Nordic Center SuperQualifier Race


This event has been cancelled. Soldier Hollow Nordic Center and TUNA have decided the risk is too great at this time, to host the SuperQ this year.

Factors impacting this decision on 1/17/18:

* Currently, we do not have a skiable loop. Everything possible is being done by our snowmakers and groomers, but there are still gaps, and the stadium is very narrow for this large-scale event.

* Midway Irrigation, our snowmaking water source, shut down due to a leak. Our snowmaking ability is limited to two nights, with an unknown timetable for them to fix the leak.

* With two nights of snowmaking, we’d be very close, but the risk of not being able to complete the gaps, stadium and coming so close to official training would jeopardize the event and quality everyone has appreciated over the years.

* Utah is experiencing the warmest, driest winter in 30 years – right now.

Our focus will continue to be insuring we make the best quality snow and trails for all, including the upcoming events.

We are sincerely sorry to have to post this information. We all love this event, as well as sharing Heber Valley, Midway and the magic of the hollow with kids and their families from all over the west.


For questions or additional information, please contact either Judy Klautt (jklautt@uolf.org) or Sara Studebaker-Hall (shall@uolf.org).