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The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for maintaining our Olympic facilities at world-class levels and using them to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to watch, learn and excel in winter sports.

Inspired by the success and momentum of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games, the Foundation has turned its focus toward embracing, engaging and involving Utah’s youth in winter sport. Your ticket purchase goes directly to supporting the Foundation and future winter athletes.

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September 2018

  • Utah Olympic Park
    Saturday, September 15

    The fourth annual Red Bull 400 in the United States will be hosted at the Utah Olympic Park. Participants will run and race 400m up the Nordic ski jump at an elevation of 6,870 ft from the starting point. This will be the highest elevation Red Bull 400 has ever been. Put your endurance and body to the test with the hardest 400m  race you will ever compete in.

  • Utah Olympic Oval

    There are no events this month, please scroll to see other upcoming events.

  • Soldier Hollow Nordic Center
    Saturday, September 8

    Wasatch High School cross country invitational at Soldier Hollow! Come out and support these amazing young athletes the morning of September 8th on the challenging trails of Soldier Hollow.

    Saturday, September 15

    The Dirty Dash proves that anyone can “play dirty.” This filthy 5K empowers couch potatoes and athletes alike to put on their running shoes. You don’t have to be tough to play dirty—it’s the mud run for everyone!

    Our sloppy mud pits, slides, and foam baths are prepped for even more filthy fun than ever before. You’ll need moxie to trudge up mountains of sludge, courage to overcome obstacles, a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud, and a smile to shine through that dirt-covered face of yours.

    Rub some mud on it at the best venue in the world for this event!


    Saturday, September 29

    The Utah High School Cycling League gives High School and Middle School student athletes an opportunity to push themselves in a competitive and fun atmosphere of racing to help them build strong bodies, strong minds and strong characters. The Utah High School Cycling League offers five races per season across Utah at some of the best MTB venues in the world. Two of these races will be hosted at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center this season.


    Central Region Division

    August 18, 2018

    North Region Division

    September 29, 2018