Utah Olympic Park

Quinney Welcome Center

The Quinney Welcome Center showcases the spirit of the Olympic Legacy like no other, with three floors and incredible views of the Utah Olympic Park Venue and surrounding area! This space is available as an evening only rental (6:30 PM-11:00 PM).


Space Includes: Virtual Ride Exhibits Ski Museum + Olympic Museum, Gift Shop, Quinney Welcome Center Theater, Quinney Conference Room

Additional Information
Main Lobby (1st Floor): 30 x 60 (1,800 sq. ft.)
Elevator (3' Wide Door): 5'8" x 4'2"
Theater (1st Floor): 33 x 63 (2,079 sq. ft.) | Banquet 152, Theater 200, Conference 26
Quinney Conference Room (3rd Floor): 22 x 55 (1,210 sq. ft.) | Banquet 80, Theater 100, Conference 26, Classroom 60