Grooming Report & Trail Conditions

We are open!  For season pass holders only!!  General opening is December 16, subject to change.  Don’t have a season pass yet? Never fear you can buy one and immediately ski!

Sunday, November 27th, 8:00 A.M. 

Hours Today: 8am-2pm opening will change to the winter norm of 830am.

Current Weather and forecast: Currently 25F and sunny.  A high of 38F is expected today; partly cloudy.

Ski trails open: About 3.5 kilometers in the hollow, stadium, and cabin loop, with track amounts growing as the great snowmaking weather continues.

Trail Conditions: There will be thick coverage with classic and skate grooming suitable for the nicest skis on the manmade snow coverage. 

Caution: leaves have blown on course causing skis to slow.

Biking: Deer Creek Parkway and Cascade springs road.  No fat-biking on ski or snowshoe trails, please.

Snowshoe tails: Closed due to insufficient coverage of natural snow

Special Notes: If you are a season pass holder, please check in at the Courtland C. Nelson Day Lodge and display your membership card while skiing; cards can be picked up at the lodge. Please do not access ski trails from elsewhere in the venue.

Events: Call (435) 709-3469 for additional information.  The first free ski day is December 16.