Park City Nordic Ski Club

Park City Nordic Ski Club encompasses all things Nordic. The club offers programs in the areas of cross country skiing and Nordic ski jumping for all ages and abilities.

Why cross-country ski? Cross-country skiing is widely recognized as one of the healthiest activities available. Because cross-country skiing uses every major muscle group, it tones the whole body and is an excellent way to burn fat and work the cardiovascular system. Exercising may be a chore, but cross-country skiing is an adventure.

There are two primary types of cross-country skiing:
Classical.Classical skiing refers to the traditional style of cross-country skiing. The arms and legs move parallel to the direction of travel and with the same synchronized, rhythm as walking or running. Classical skiing depends on kicking and gliding. The kick is like a walking or running step; it is how you move forward. Each kick sends you gliding down the trail.
Skating. Skating refers to a newer method of cross-country skiing. Just like a speed skater or in-line skater, skating on skis uses a lateral push with the legs to propel the skier forward. The arms work together with the legs to aid in this forward push. Many first time skiers who have ice-skated or used roller-blades make fast progress skating on skis. Skating is a great option if you want to stick to trails groomed for skiing, such as you'll find at a ski touring center.
Winter program registration is now open. Please contact Morgan Smyth at or 435.658.4213 with program questions.

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