High performance speed skating at the Oval

Oval FAST Team Short & Long Track

Ability Level Advanced - Elite

Age 16+

Rates Varies (See below)

For high-performance athletes, the Oval is the home training facility for a group of international athletes, which have included USA Olympic gold medalist Derek Parra and other athletes.

They have been part of the FAST (Facilitated Athlete Sport Training) program now under the direction of Long Track Head Coach Tucker Fredricks and interim Short Track Coach Lin Lin Sun.

These programs are designed for up-and-coming athletes who which to achieve a higher level of speed skating success.

F.A.S.T. (Facilitated Athlete Sport Training)

The Utah Olympic Oval's F.A.S.T. Program offers a unique and individualized training program within a world-class, positive and supportive environment. Skate with other world class athletes in a program that will challenge your abilities and help you to reach your full potential.

Selection Factors for the FAST program include:

  • Speed Skating experiences
  • Personal bests
  • Ability to work within the team
  • Potential & Commitment

Note: applicants not accepted to the FAST program will be admitted to the CLUB program.

  • US Citizen

    • $405.00 per month –F.A.S.T ST or LT US Citizen Monthly Fee
    • OR
    • $3850.00 per season – F.A.S.T ST or LT US Citizen Annual Fee


    • $455.00 per month –F.A.S.T ST or LT International Monthly Fee
    • OR
    • $4250.00 per month –F.A.S.T ST or LT International Annual Fee

  • For schedule information contact: