Valid at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

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2023 SoHo Grand Tour

Participants will start and finish in Soldier Hollow’s iconic Olympic stadium and ski two 15km laps tracing the route of the 2002 Olympic ski marathon, making this a 30km freestyle marathon for both women and men.  With a 3,100’ elevation gain, the Grand Tour is one of the world’s most challenging ski trails.  For our younger participants (under the age of 20), the Junior Grand Tour is a 10km excursion covering the first 10km of the Grand Tour trail for a unique single-lap experience.  This event is a mass-start with all participants (including Junior Grand Tour skiers) starting together for a festive and inspiring atmosphere.


Top racers will compete for prize money and world rankings, while many others will compete for personal bests and the pride of completing the Grand Tour